Do you ship to the US/my country?

We probably do but please include your location in your inquiry.

How quickly will I get the flowers?

We dispatch in 2-3 working days.

Within the UK you will get the flowers kits within a week of dispatch,

Outside the UK 2-3 weeks. Contact us if you wish for express delivery together with your country and the date you need the flower kits.

Can I get them faster?

Contact us prior to ordering and we will do our best to get you your order as fast as possible.

Can I collect them?

Our warehouse is in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We do not have a retail site but you can collect your order from the warehouse by prior arrangement only. Our address is: Unit 10, The io Centre, Fingle Drive, Stonebridge MK13 0AT. Please let us know when you place your order that this is what you would like to do and we will let you know when your items will be available.

Can you do other colours and designs?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for. Lead times vary so let us know in your message when you will need your flowers as we may need to order your special colour from our suppliers before manufacturing your custom flower kits. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy as it relates to custom orders.

Are they ready made?

No. Our flowers are in easy to assemble kits for you to make yourself. Making them yourself means you can customise your flowers (see our Creative Ideas page) getting a totally unique result at a lower price than ready made flowers.

Can you make them for me?

We can do this time permitting. Once we know the scope of your order we will quote you a price for both the labour and the extra shipping.

What is included in the kit?

Each kit will contain: 1 x mounting disc, 1 x weaving disc to put your petals into, full instructions and links to assembly and creative ideas videos. After that the number of petals and flower centres will be individual for each flower. We do not include tape or glue.

Why don’t you include glue? And what would you recommend?

This is something we have looked into in great detail and finally came to the conclusion not to include these items for numerous reasons:


As we ship internationally certain items (particularly liquids) can have export restrictions due to their chemical composition. This could mean that we would not be able to supply consistently packaged contents despite our customers paying the same international price. Overseas shipping, sometimes through pressurised containers, can also cause glue bottles to burst or leak which would mean you would receive a damaged product which would be disappointing for us all.

Also related to international shipping is climate. Believe it or not adhesives will work differently in dry climates vs humid climates, hot climates vs cold climates. Your local hobby shop or market is the best place to find a glue that will work best where you live.

From personal experience we are aware that some glue and chemical products can cause allergic reactions in individuals. Because of this it is best for you to choose a product you have worked with before to avoid any averse reactions.


We took the decision that tape is something most people have around their homes, after all how often have you bought wrapping paper and had the tape included? Because the tape comes in a roll the size and shape of it would have altered our packaging and also increased the shipping cost you would have needed to pay. The tape is not essential to the flower construction but definitely makes the assembly easier! The tape is mainly used to hold each layer of petals in place while you are weaving in the next layer. Provided you completely cover the mounting disc with glue all of the woven petals will be sealed in place.


As far as what we would recommend…in an ideal world these flowers are best prepared with a hot glue gun but we are aware that not everyone will own one of these. Your best resource is to ask at your local hobby shop or market for a product that is meant for gluing paper. Generally this is called PVA glue, comes in small tubes and is white until it dries when it is clear. The most important thing about the glue is that you ensure it is evenly spread across the woven petal stems before sticking on the mounting disc and that you give it at LEAST 45 minutes for it to dry before attempting to mount them on a wall or display. In fact, I would always suggest leaving them overnight unless you are using a hot glue gun. Always check the suggested drying time on the glue you use and then ADD another 15 minutes or so.

How can I hang my flowers?

We have provided you with one option, a mounting wire as we’ve found this most versatile. With the wire you can mount your flowers individually on a picture hook, or on a board or cardboard that you can then hang on a wall. It also allows you to twist your flowers onto banisters, poles, furniture…and makes them easy to remove and move without any damage to walls. If you don’t want to use the wire sticky back velcro is also another good option and will work to hang your flowers on many different types of surfaces.

I want to use my flowers for an outdoor wedding, will they work?

Obviously our flowers are made of paper and will be damaged by wet or damp conditions. So you will need to use your judgement as we can not make any guarantees for outdoor use. One thing that will help the stability of the flowers in case of a breeze will be constructing them using a hot glue gun.

What if I have problems with making my flowers?

In addition to the basic instructions in the kit we have included more detailed, downloadable instructions on our instructions page. You can also look at our videos where we share with you many creative ideas to make your flowers unique as well as trouble shooting some of the common issues e.g. what happens if I’ve torn the weaving disc slot or if I forgot to put in the wire before gluing on the mounting disc. Our creative ideas and troubleshooting videos and blogs are found here.

Can I return them if I don’t like them?

We accept returns of unopened kits in resalable condition. We are not able to accept returns of custom orders. Please see our returns policy.