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These are fun and semi-informational.

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30cm Flower Time Lapse Assembly

The size of this flower is 30cm, however, I videoed this while I was playing around adding double petals, cuts and curls onto the petals and a fringed centre that I created just to have a go. I say this because this flower contains more petals and a non-standard fringed centre not included in a 30cm kit. The actual time to create this embellished flower was 20 minutes. Most people, even beginners, can make a standard 30cm flower in between 12-15 minutes. (In other words, I’ve had a lot of practice!)

Fun with the Girls

How beautiful do the girls look in their Rosie Red Corsetry and Immy Howard Millinery? And what great fun they had making their Pretty Big Flowers, too!

Giant Paper Flower Wall Construction

Here’s how we do it – or at least how we did it this time. Since then we’ve perfected the assembly and halved the time. This wall is a huge 7sq metres! When you buy your wall we’ll share with you our assembly secrets.


An Evening to Finish our Trade Wall

The base of our trade wall is the elegant 43cm flower. We knocked out about 18 of them one evening at my dining room table.