Trade Partners

Stand out from the crowd

If you’re an event planner, venue coordinator or photo booth owner you’re always looking out for something to make your offering special and unique.

We believe creating a trade relationship with Pretty Big Flowers is how you can do just that.

Our self-assembly giant paper flower kits:

  • are easy to assemble – they come with full instructions and online videos. Plus, depending on the size of your order Yvonne will spend some 1:1 Skype time with you that will promise professional results
  • they are flexible – use them as a giant paper flower wall one week and the header of a ribbon wall the next
  • handled and stored correctly they are long-lasting – we’ll show you how – and they take up much less room than you’d think!
  • quick to setup and take down
  • very light to transport
  • 50+ colours
  • we can create custom designs to reflect your event or venue – let’s chat!

Help your client’s decide

While you love the idea of paper flowers, your client’s might not know that much about them. This download will help you to help them: 5 Reasons Why Self-Assembly Paper Flower Kits are a Better Choice

Let’s talk trade

Want to discuss trade rates or have any questions?

Simply ring Caroline on +44 (0)1327 828111.

Sharing is Caring

Feel free to download any of the images from our Gallery to use on your website or social media and promote the fact that you work with Pretty Big Flowers!